Pride of Lions grants – May 2023

The following donations were recommended by Kenilworth Lions’ Community Services Committee and agreed unanimously by Lions’ members at the May club meeting:

  • A donation of £500 was agreed for Kenilworth Helping Hands to provide a summer day out for disabled members.
  • A donation of £1,000 for the Air Ambulance Service was agreed in memory of Lion Malcolm Corbett, a long-serving member of the club who was tragically killed in a car accident in the south of France in April.
  • A grant of £3,250 was made for Medics to Medics to fund items specifically identified by M to M in their support of the situation in Ukraine.
  • A donation of £600 was made to the Langdale Trust to fund improvements to the play equipment at Spencer’s Retreat.
  • Compassionate Kenilworth was granted £50 for a new table tennis net for use by refugees at the Riverside Hotel.
  • Fool’s Gambit Morris Dancing team were awarded a pledge of £200 towards a trip to a festival in Tennessee in 2024.
  • Furniture Store vouchers were awarded to two needy families.

A total of £6,600 has been donated this month, excluding the vouchers.