Pride of Lions grants – March 2023

The following donations were recommended by Kenilworth Lions’ Community Services Committee and agreed unanimously by Lions’ members at the March club meeting:

  1. A refurbished iPad was offered to and accepted by a Kenilworth parent for a child with autism and other medical conditions.
  2. Funding was agreed for carpets to be fitted to the house of a disadvantaged Kenilworth family with child health issues.
  3. Lendwithcare is a microfinance lending website from the development charity CARE International UK. Launched in September 2010, it allows individuals and groups to make small loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries, and help them work their way out of poverty.  The club has supported this charity for a number of years and, because of the success of the project, has now agreed to increase the amount of capital available for investment by £1,000.
  4. A donation of £2,000 has been made to the Disasters Emergency Committee in support of their appeal to help earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. This is in addition to the £2,000 already donated to the Lions Clubs International Foundation.
  5. Three furniture store vouchers, amounting to £900, have been issued to needy local residents, including two Ukrainian families.

A total of £3,680 has been donated this month, excluding the vouchers.