Life-saving equipment installed at Lions’ Store

John Whitehouse Uncategorized

An automatic external defibrillator (AED) has been installed outside the front door of the Kenilworth Lions’ Furniture Store in Farmer Ward Road, Kenilworth. This vital life-saving equipment is available for any member of the public to use in a medical emergency, by ringing 999 112 and asking the call operator for the door unlocking code. By using a defibrillator before emergency medical staff arrive, a person’s chances of survival can be improved considerably.

The AED has been installed and paid for by Kenilworth Lions, working in partnership with Kenilworth HeartSafe, the recently-formed local charity (registered number 1186462).  HeartSafe aims to deliver training and assistance in resuscitation techniques to all Kenilworth residents at the Abbey Medical Centre and to have a 24/7-accessible AED within 400m of every Kenilworth resident.

Graham Pemberton, President of Kenilworth Lions, said:

“The Lions have supported Kenilworth HeartSafe financially from the beginning, and many of our members have received the training they can provide. We are delighted to have been able to install an AED in an important location in Kenilworth, close to several sites of local employment and a popular walking route over the railway into the town centre.”

Graham Pemberton with the newly-installed defibrillator