Community Service Committee

The committee consists of about eight members of the Club under the leadership of a Chair, appointed each year by the Club President.  The committee meets monthly and considers all requests for financial support that have been received up to the date of the meeting and also suggestions made by Club members. From 1st November 2019, all grant applications need to be made through the Pride of Lions Community Grants scheme.

The committee works to a set of guidelines and cannot always give a positive response either because the request falls outside the guidelines or is too expensive to support from the funds available at the time.  However, support is always provided whenever possible for a broad range of activities and the Club looks to help the young, the elderly, the disadvantaged and those having special needs.   For example, support is regularly provided to Scouts and Guides to enable them to attend international camps, to individuals with special needs such as the provision of a wheelchair and to organisations such as the Waverley Day Centre to help with their local community activities.

The committee also runs a number of annual activities such as the Xmas panto trip to the Priory Theatre, donation of Xmas gifts and providing drivers for the local PHAB and Stroke Clubs to enable members to attend their meetings.